Frequently Asked Questions

What we do?
NVRFX is a forex investment system where you can invest and reach up to 10 - 20% monthly profit. We've developed our own trading robot with our traders and have our own safe and stable trading strategy.
Is it a safe investment?
Trading CFDs carries a high level of risk to your capital and you should only trade with money you can afford to lose. We ask our investors to regularly withdraw the profit from their accounts so they can limit possible losses.
What is the average monthly profit?
The average monthly profit is about 10 - 20%. You can see our monthly statistics at the Investment Plan section.
What is the minimum investment?
The minimum investment in our system is 1000 USD. Investing below 1000 USD is not possible since it bears higher risk which is against our conservative strategy’s rule. If you are willing to invest more please keep in mind that our trading strategy is balanced to 1000 USD and the multiples of it.
What is the fee of the system?
There are no hidden fees and you do not have to pay for anything else. The only cost you need to pay is our 30% success fee that is derived from your weekly profit.
How can I join?
It is plain and simple. You only need to register and then send your desired funds to us. After that you will receive your weekly report about the change in your balance. You don’t have to trade on your behalf. We do it for you.
How can I deposit / withdraw?
You can deposit/withdraw with Payeer or Bitcoin. After logging in you will find the corresponding menu in your profile page.
How can I track my profits?
Each week we update your total investment fund in your client area. You'll see how the system performed in the previous weeks and keep track of every week.
Can I withdraw anytime?
Withdrawals can be applied after 90 days of initial deposit. You can ask for profit / balance withdrawal after the 90 days period. The minimum withdrawal amount is 200 USD and the minimum balance can't be lower than 1000 USD. If balance goes under that amount due to withdrawal the account will be automatically disconnected from future trades until the balance has been topped up to the minimal amount. Withdrawal fee is 5% for Bitcoin and Payeer. Payeer charges apply.
Do you have a referral system?
We have a one level referral system. With this system you can invite your friends to join our network. You'll receive 25% commission from our fee. Our fee is 30% from the profit of the investment and we provide 25% to our affiliates. There is no limitation in our referral system.