How to use the system


Click on Login/Register tab then click on Register button to start the registration process. Fill out the form and provide your PayPal address. Click on Submit then check your e-mail for the activation link. Click on the link and you are free to log in.

Deposit your fund

When you are logged in to your account you can click on the Deposit tab where you will be able to add funds to your trading account. Please note that the minimum deposit is 1000 USD. Fill out the form with your NVRFX username then click on Submit.
Please note that the Payeer / Bitcoin and Broker transaction fee is 5%. An e-mail notification will be sent after the payment process is finished.

Track your income

Log in to your account and you will see all the transactions on the main page. Profits are updated weekly and an e-mail will be sent out containing the weekly profit. You can check the trading history under Investment Plan tab.

Withdraw your profit

Withdrawals can be applied after 90 days of initial deposit. You can ask for profit / balance withdrawal after the 90 days period. The minimum withdrawal amount is 200 USD and the minimum balance can't be lower than 1000 USD. If balance goes under that amount due to withdrawal the account will be automatically disconnected from the future trades until the balance has been topped up to the minimal amount again. Withdrawal fee is 5% for Bitcoin and Payeer. Payeer charges apply.

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