Processing Time: 1-4 days, Mon - Fri

Accepted Currency: USD

Fee: 5.5%
Processing Time: 1-4 days, Mon - Fri

Accepted Currency: USD

Fee: 5%

Safety and Security of funds

Segregated Client Accounts

Funds stored separately

When funding your account client money is held in Segregated Client Trust Accounts. NVRFX provides full protection of client funds for as long as they decide to keep them with us. We do not use client funds for operational or investment purposes.
Modern Encription

Modern encryption technology

Electronic payments are processed using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology and are encrypted to prevent it from being stolen or accessed by third parties during its transfer. In addition to this, it's transmitted all at once to ensure that it remains intact.

Transparent trading conditions

NVRFX does everything possible to ensure the business' complete transparency. We adhere to a strict set of financial standards and are obliged to periodically report our activities to the regulatory authorities.


  • Payment Department Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 09:00 - 18:00 GMT
  • Our payments department will only process emails sent from your registered email address
  • NVRFX does not accept transfers from individuals or businesses registered in Iran, Iraq or North Korea

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