Investment Fund

Our fund is created in order to maximize your income

Monthly 5-15% Profit

Your investment is managed by a professional fund manager

Simple way to deposit

You can deposit in an easy way with just a few clicks using Payeer or Bitcoin

Diversified Risks

Enjoy access to a wider range of portfolios

What is an Investment Fund?

Investment funds are pooled funds that can invest across different portfolios. This helps diversify risk and reduce costs, while giving you access to a wide variety of forex strategies. The fund is managed by professional fund managers whose job are to aim to maximise returns while minimising risks. Returns are made on the rise of the investments.

They should be seen as medium to long-term investments.

Why you may consider Investment Funds?

Investment Funds could be appropriate if you:

+ want to diversify your investment.
+ are looking to grow your wealth, or receive an income, or a combination of the two, as an Investment Funds aims to achieve all these goals.
+ want to make a medium to long-term investment and minimise your costs and risks.

Risk Management

You can enjoy access to a wider range of portfolios than most single investments, diversifying your investment risk while increasing potential returns

Investors' Area

Our investors can login to their dedicated user area and keep track of the changes in the weekly profit. Secure deposit and withdrawal

Low Service Fee

By pooling together the money of multiple investors, transaction costs can be kept lower. Our service fee depends on the amount of your investment

Carefully selected funds

No product is ever selected without analysis and we always apply our NVR+Choice methodology to choosing Investment Funds

Global accessibility

You can choose to invest in our Investment Funds with no geographical restriction from any countries and economic regions around the world

Foreign exchange market

Open 24 hours a day 5 days a week, the foreign exchange market is the largest and most liquid market in the world

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